What’s it like to be a REALTOR®?

I worked in the pub and restaurant industry for many years. Eventually I found myself searching for a job with more reasonable hours (I may have missed the mark a bit there). I was hired in 2007 by a top local Realtor as an administrative assistant. The fast-paced environment and the knowledge I was acquiring was fascinating. However, after a few years I wanted a new challenge. In 2012, I decided to get my real estate license.

Real Estate is all about People!

I love working with people. The diversity and contrasted perspectives each person’s unique blend brings to my daily life is amazing. Everyone has their own very interesting story. I am grateful when people share theirs with me and I get to be a part of it. Real Estate is all about people. Being a good REALTOR® is about understanding people, truly listening to them and assisting them in making some of the biggest decisions in their lives.

It’s Not for Everyone…

When the Real Estate market is “hot” it’s not unusual to see many new agents joining the profession. You may have had a fleeting thought about Real Estate as a career. Especially if you have bought or sold a home or property. The really good agents make it look easy. Let me tell you, it is not.

It’s a Challenge…

It is an exceptionally challenging occupation. You have to be ON nearly all the time, frequently glued to your phone or laptop, no matter what else may be happening in your own life. You need to be the calm voice of reason in the face of many adverse situations where emotions and stresses are heightened. You need to possess counsellor-like qualities to aid your clients in making the best decisions possible.  And, continually go to bat for them to help them achieve their goals.

But the Rewards are Worth It!

Yet, it’s certainly not thankless! No day is the same as the last in Real Estate. It’s never dull or boring. I meet a lot of amazing people and see many incredible homes and properties. I am afforded the opportunity to be a part of helping people transition through various milestones in the different stages of their lives and that’s…well, it’s pretty awesome, is what it is.